Sacramento Spring Open
22, 2006

Any Doubt?

by Bruce H. Liu

MSCTT'ers strike again! We won all the doubles we entered in the tournament. Here is the partial writeup. Darn! Hope Mark Johnson was there.

  • U4800: only 3 teams entered

    • Team A: Misha Kazantsev(2404)/Avishy Schmidt(2378) => 4782

    • Team B: Shashin Shodhan(2381)/Auria Malek(2388) => 4779

    • Team C: Ming Zhang(2241)/Bruce Liu(1973) => 4214

    • On the book, all 3 teams look pretty even!:-) It turned out dead even - A lost to B 0:3, B lost to C 0:3, and C lost to A 0:3. Who would have thought of a 3-way tie like that? By counting points, Ming and Bruce ended up on top. Ming and Bruce each took their $100 check and stayed cool. After all, this was neither their first nor biggest upset. In 2004 Golden State Open, Ming and Bruce upset Freddie Gabriel and Peter Zajac in Open Doubles - an 898 combined rating point difference.

  • U4000: Bo Ding(1774) and Bruce Liu(1973) upset Matthias Eriksson(2023)/John Springer(1905) Bo kept serving aces which made the match kind of boring.:-)

  • U1650: Joey Lin(1373) was awesome. Not only he made the final in U1650, he also upset Scott Gordon(1941) in his U2300 round robin. We will see a huge rating jump.

  • Unfortunately, Patrick Wu had a stomach cramp after he advanced from the U2150 round robin. He had to withdraw from the tournament after that. Otherwise, he could have been a contender for the event.

Events Results
  • U4800 Doubles: Ming Zhang /Bruce Liu
  • U4000 Doubles: Bo Ding /Bruce Liu
  • U3400 Doubles: Gary Barretto /Dave Hanson
  • U1950 Doubles: Dave Hanson/Ryan Graelish
  • U1900 Singles: Gary Barretto
  • U2300: Ming Zhang
  • U2000: Bruce Liu
  • U1650: Joey Lin
  • U2150: Bruce Liu
  • U2300: Patrick Wu
  • U2300: Bruce Liu
  • U1900: Bo Ding