Concord Club vs Milpitas Sports Center 
July 10, 2004

Concord club visited MSC on July 10 seeking their revenge on their previous home court loss. This time, they were prepared and were determined to win. 

At first, players from Milpitas Sports Center thought this rematch would be easier than the previous one because Dr. Ken Leung, rated 1706 was replaced by Terence Chan whose USATT rating was only 1555. Big surprise! Terence won 2 out 3 his singles matches

After the first 8 singles matches, MSC's back was on the wall. They lost 6 out 8 singles matches. However, the matches were closer than the result indicated. (Stan and Peter lost two matches each at 2:3.) Therefore, MSC would have to win the last singles match and all 3 doubles matches to stay alive. It was Mark Johnson and David Smith playing the last singles match and Mark came through to win the match at 3:0. MSC still had to win all the doubles and somehow they did it. Not only they did it, they stunned Concord by winning all their doubles at 3:0. 

So, like last time, Concord and MSC tied at 6:6 after 12 matches. The tie-breaker was the number of games won and MSC came on top with 27:20. (18:20 on singles and 9:0 on doubles)

Michael Ramirez from Concord played brilliantly and once again was undefeated in singles. However, the MVP this time should go to Mark Johnson of MSC. He won 2 out of 3 singles and 2 for 2 on doubles. If he lost any one of the last three matches he played, MSC would have lost. 

Congratulations to both teams! They were both winners.

Here is the complete result.

Concord MSC
  • Michael Ramirez
  • David Smith
  • Terence Chan
  • Stan Sun
  • Mark Johnson
  • Peter Tsang
players.jpg (69363 bytes) Concord_Team.jpg (57692 bytes) MSC_Team.jpg (54922 bytes)
All participants Terence, David, Michael Stan, Mark, Peter
David_Smith.jpg (46467 bytes) David_Smith1.jpg (57527 bytes) Mark_Michael.jpg (45783 bytes)
David Smith David Smith Mark and Michael

Michael_Ramirez.jpg (42760 bytes)

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Michael Ramirez Stan Sun David and Peter
Peter_Daughter.jpg (58166 bytes)
Peter and his daughter