Golden State Open
at Walnut Creek, California
May 27-28, 2006

What can I say? Yet another good tournament for MSC players!
  • In Open Doubles, Nelson Yu (2120) and Joey Hu (2088) upset the 2nd seed Freddie Gabriel (2511)/Philip Lim (2362) in the semi-final. That is a 665 rating points upset! I suspect they might have been inspired by another doubles pair in MSC.:-)
  • Dan Lin and Joey Lin won U3400 doubles on their first try. Good job!
  • Michael Liu won the U1850 event in an all-MSC final against Bo Ding. Michael also won U1850 in San Diego Open a few weeks ago.
  • Barry Or upset a couple of higher rated players in the U2000 event but lost to Bruce in the semi-final. He probably doesn't know how much Bruce appreciated for his clearing the path.:-)
  • Radu Licea only came to MSC once before the tournament but I heard he will come more often. How well did he play? Let me put it this way. The tournament director actually complained about his excellent performance to his coach Nelson Yu! I also think Nelson should be responsible for that.
  • Thanks to Moses Wang and Dan Lin, we have lots of pictures. Click here for Dan's photos. Moses' are in the MSCTT Yahoo Group. (You may need to log in to see them.)

Song courtesy of William Hung



Women's Open 1st Sara Fu
Open Doubles 2nd Nelson Yu/Joey Hu, Semi-final Ming Zhang/Bruce H. Liu
U3400 Doubles 1st Joey Lin/Dan Lin, semi-final Bo Ding/Qingmin Liu
U2800 Doubles 2nd Dave Hanson/Dennis Lui, semi-final Hung-Jen Hung/Radu Licea
U2300 semi-final d Joey Hu, quarter-final Michael Sung
U2150 semi-final d Joey Hu, quarter-final Nelson Yu, Michael Sung
U2000 1st Bruce H. Liu, semi-final Barry Or, quarter-final Praful Bhaidasna
U1850 1st Michael Liu, 2nd Bo Ding
U1500 2nd Radu Licea
U1300 1st Radu Licea
U1100 1st Radu Licea
U500 semi-final Man-Ju Yeh
Over 40 semi-final Bruce H. Liu