US Nationals, Las Vegas, Nevada 
December 15 - 18, 2004

U3700 Doubles: 1st: Simon Ng and Vincent Tai
Hardbat Doubles: 2nd: Bruce Liu and Marty Reisman
Semi-final:Hermann Luechinger and Albert Papp
U1100: 1st Ariel Hsing
Girls' Under 10: 1st Ariel Hsing
U1800:  8's Simon Ng

 Peter Tsang beat a over 2000 player and advanced from his U2100 round robin. Michael Liu also beat a couple of high 1800 players.  Overall, MSCT'ers did fairly well.

simon_vincent.jpg (73275 bytes) CA_Open_005.jpg (30569 bytes)
Simon and Vincent Ariel Hsing Peter Tsang
Hermann.jpg (108413 bytes) bruce_marty.jpg (61713 bytes) andy_michael.jpg (66709 bytes)
Hermann Bruce/Marty Andy/Michael
 albert_hermann.jpg (67412 bytes)    
 Al and Hermann